Stone Industries Introduces Cold and Hot Forging Methods in the Manufacturing Process

Stone Industries Introduces Cold and Hot Forging Methods in the Manufacturing Process

Stone Industries Introduces Cold and Hot Forging Methods in the Manufacturing Process

“Die Forging is a manufacturing process that involves the shaping of metal by using localized compressive forces – traditionally, from a hammer against an anvil, and more often today utilizing a die. Widely used in mechanisms and machines wherever a component requires high strength, forging can produce a component that is stronger than an equivalent cast or machined part.”

Stone Industrial explains die forging producing methods. It shows how this company works to help its clients.

Stone Industrial, a company that offers brass forging service, explains two processes used for producing die forging. The idea of explaining the process is to let companies know what die forgings are and how to create them. It also shows the function of this product for a variety of industries. The company representative explained, “Our company uses hot and cold forging to produce die forgings, such as aluminum forging and other forging methods. The option depends on the metal. The goal is to serve the best forging service for clients.”

Stone Industrial has 20 years of experience in providing die forging services.  The company uses the hot forging technique to deform metal with a high formability ratio. This technique is suitable for steel, brass, and aluminum forging. Cold forging is more flexible because it is suitable for most common metals. The company representative added, “For example, some clients need carbon or stainless steel forging. In this case, our team will use cold forging, along with all considerations we have discussed with clients.” The main process of creating a die forging is shaping metal, whether using the cold or hot forging technique. This product is for components that require high strength in a machine or mechanism. The result can produce a stronger component with the right forging method.

A company representative added, “The reason why a die forging is stronger than the cast or part of the machine is because of the deformation of the internal grain in the metal. It happens during the shaping process. The longer the process, the stronger the characteristics of the forging.” With the use of these cold and hot forging techniques, the company is ready to create die forging made of a variety of materials. Clients only need to consult the specifications of the die forging they need. The team will try to suggest the best option to produce the die forging maximally.

The company expects that it gives an effective solution for other companies that need die forging to support their manufacturing process. Other companies also know where to go if they need a die forging immediately. The better the manufacturing process, the higher the quality of the product a company can produce. The company representative stated, “Clients can check the details of the die forging service on our official website. It also explains the way we will help them. We hope that they get a fast and effective solution from our services.”     

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