Strictly Stone is Offering Outdoor Kitchen’s Design and Installation Services in Round Lake Park, IL

Strictly Stone is Offering Outdoor Kitchen’s Design and Installation Services in Round Lake Park, IL

Round Lake Park, IL: Strictly Stone offers outdoor kitchen design and installation services to gourmets and other clients interested in throwing a few burgers on their barbeque from time to time. In addition to assisting clients in enjoying the outdoor breeze, the company is dedicated to improving the home’s curb appeal, increasing the home’s resale value, and ensuring the new installation withstands the test of time.

Strictly Stone also assists residential clients in designing and installing natural gas fire pits. Whether they want the new fire pit due to city regulations, HOA restrictions, or the existing wood fireplace is too messy; the team ensures the installation checks all their boxes. They also ensure the new fire pit allows the homeowner to enjoy the fire without bothering others.

The company also designs and installs interlocking brick patios. Whether the homeowner wants a small cozy patio or one equipped with an outdoor kitchen, gas fire pit, and pergola, the team works with them in every installation stage. In addition to transforming their home and making it more desirable and appealing, the company ensures the new installation is durable, easy to maintain, and maximizes the home resale value.

Besides, the outdoor living specialists install cedar pergolas, an added feature to any modern home. Thanks to the installation, homeowners can hang curtains, potted plants, filtered shade, string Italian lights around, and stone pillar bases — giving their outdoor space a revamp. Regardless of their reason for considering the installation, the company guides and assists them in choosing the perfect materials based on their exterior home design and what they want to achieve.

Strictly Stone also installs brick pavers walkthroughs to improve the client’s home resale value or for personal pleasure. Regardless of their intention of giving their front entryway a facelift, the team works with the client in selecting the right colors, brick walkway patterns, and texture — based on their preference. It also works with products from renowned companies such as Whitacre Greer, County Materials, Belgard, Techo-Bloc and Unilock.

Clients interested in interlocking driveway pavers that can stand the test of time can also benefit from the company’s experience and dedication. The industry-certified installers walk with the property owner from choosing a perfect design to installing a driveway that gives their home a facelift. They also assist the client in making key decisions, which take the project from ordinary to extraordinary.

Strictly Stone is located at 624 N. Hainesville Rd., Round Lake Park, IL, 60073. Clients interested in outdoor kitchens, brick driveways, or brick patios can contact the outdoor living Space specialists at 8477402620. Visit the website for more information.

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