Stump Grinding And Removal: What’s In It For Fort Lauderdale Residents?

Stump Grinding And Removal: What’s In It For Fort Lauderdale Residents?

A Fort Lauderdale man is now very wealthy after winning the $5000 A Week For Life jackpot from a ticket worth $10. However, the gentleman called Jose Canales opted to have the lump sum amount of $4,660,000 instead of $5000 a week. Well in all estimations, the man has chanced upon an amount of money that would have taken him over 17 years to get.

You might be wondering when you will get your jackpot, but did you know that stump grinding is the ultimate jackpot for homeowners? Here’s how: the method is fast hence saving you a lot of time and the work is so smooth that no one will ever know that a tree stump once stood where the work has been done. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about stump grinding and removal:

Various stump removal methods

Stump Grinding And Removal: What's In It For Fort Lauderdale Residents?

Tree stumps pose different problems to homeowners ranging from being an eyesore, the risk of it growing back, or the stump becoming a safety hazard for you and your loved ones. It’s because of this that removing the stump is a recommended option, but there are other ways of neutralizing the stumps. You could opt for one of the following: stump grinding, chemical stump remover, burning the stump, or applying chemicals to have the stump rot.

There’s no single right way to remove a stump. Options include grinding, burning, chemical rotting, and chopping with an ax. Each method carries a different price tag, based on the labor and equipment needed and the amount of time involved.

Basic removal can be done with an ax and a lot of elbow grease or by using heavy equipment to pull the stump and roots out of the ground. Both are labor intensive. Chopping is one of the least expensive methods, but it requires a lot of physical labor.

Grinding tends to get the quickest results but is the most expensive method, largely due to the equipment required. In between are burning and chemical rotting, which typically take the longest—as much as a few months—to achieve results. Read more from BobVilla…

Read on to learn more about stump grinding.

How does stump grinding work?

Stump Grinding And Removal: What's In It For Fort Lauderdale Residents?

Stump grinding is done with the help of a tool called the stump grinder. This is a machine with a powerful rotating blade that chews into the stump turning the once tall piece of wood into millions of little pieces. The beauty of this whole process is that the grinder cuts the stump way down below the ground level and at the same time stops the stump from ever growing again.

A stump grinder is a piece of specialized equipment designed to break tree stumps down. It uses a grinder head that spins – like the blade of a circular saw.

The main difference is that the grinder head is broader than a circular saw blade.

Instead of cutting into the wood like a circular saw blade, the grinder head breaks down the tree stump into pieces fine enough to be used as mulch.

The grinder head moves back and forth across the surface of the stump to grind it down.

Whether a homeowner chooses stump grinding or some other form of stump removal depends on their landscape’s present state and their plans for its future.

A homeowner who is unsure which route to take should discuss stump removal vs. stump grinding with an experienced professional arborist. Read more from Outdoorhappens…

Benefits of stump grinding

Stump Grinding And Removal: What's In It For Fort Lauderdale Residents?

It is quick and efficient. When it comes to grinding tree stumps, the whole process can range from 15 minutes to 2 hours. What you need to know is that the duration of the whole process is affected by the size of your stump and how deep you want the grinding to be done. But even then, the process is faster and you can even use the chips for mulching for your other plants.

When a tree on your property is diseased, aged, or damaged, you probably want to get rid of the stump on time to prevent any related repercussions. Unfortunately, most stump removal techniques tend to be rigorous and time-consuming, making stump grinding a suitable option for those who want to clear the mess quickly. Stump grinding uses modern saws, which makes the entire process quick and often takes a maximum of two hours, depending on the stump and other determining factors. Read more from Southern Star Stump…

Admittedly, there are companies that offer DIY Stump grinding equipment for hire and you can get one for yourself. But the flip side to it is that you don’t want to take chances with such a dangerous tool. Get a professional who will help you save on time and provide quality work for you. Call EPS Landscaping and Tree Services today for professional stump grinding services.

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