Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products are On Sale Now

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products are On Sale Now

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products are On Sale Now

“eco-friendly products”

The leading eco-friendly distributor and zero waste shop, GreenLiving pleased to announce the hanger wholesale. Being a pioneer in distributing sustainable household items, GreenLiving commits to continue its work on promoting sustainable living through affordable eco-friendly products.

With the experience of almost four decades under their belt, both distributors and suppliers can rely on GreenLiving to provide the best products. The company also has a strict standard to meet numerous certifications.

GreenLiving provides numerous models of wooden hangers. Customers can choose between a customizable hanger or a regular one. In addition to being one of the sustainable products, a wooden hanger also adds elegance to one’s cupboard. Undoubtedly, any stores holding this product will see it as one of their best sellers. Everyone wants to have affordable eco-friendly products in their house.

The QC team in GreenLiving consists of 16 professionals who ensure all products passed the certification standard. The company has been distributing products since 1988. All of the products received important certifications such as the FSC as the mark of responsible forestry.

The team at GreenLiving is also eager to help everyone who wants to be part of the distributor chain. New customers also should not hesitate to contact the team when they want to order but are still under the minimum order quantity.

Customers also don’t have to wait to receive their orders. GreenLiving sets the processing time to be at the latest three working days after customers place their orders. However, international shipping may take a little over 15 days earlier. This swift process is due to the company directly sending the products from the manufacturing factories. Since there is no middleman, the customers don’t have to wait or pay an extra handling fee.

In case of missing or wrong orders, the company offers a 30-days return policy. They commit to giving the customers all of the items they ordered. The team at GreenLiving will provide all assistance to help both old and new customers.

As a testament to their commitment, GreenLiving has a working partnership with numerous large retail stores worldwide. Some of their partners include Walmart and Daiso Japan.

GreenLiving is proud to be a zero waste shop. The company is one of the pioneers in providing affordable and sustainable products. Many cases of eco-friendly products are unavailable or not affordable to many. But GreenLiving offers a solution that works for all parties. The hanger wholesale is to promote sustainable wooden hangers in the collection. 

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Published Tue, 13 Dec 2022 14:10:11 -0600

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