TeleTrustMD shares its solution for telemedicine staffing problems

TeleTrustMD shares its solution for telemedicine staffing problems

Telemedicine might be the future of healthcare, but it presents many problems for practitioners, particularly when it comes to recruiting and hiring competent employees to run the business. For many practitioners, the staffing problem has taken its toll on their businesses and practices, hampering their daily operations. A common complaint from providers about telemedicine is they lose hundreds of dollars every month in missed co-pays due to staffing and billing issues. Though payment processing is the most common issue in telemedicine, that’s just one of the concerns.

TeleTrustMD has identified the major problems telemedicine practitioners often encounter. Its solution comes in the HIPAA-compliant SaaS platform capable of replacing onsite employees, guaranteeing less downtime for practitioners.

TeleTrustMD sums up how the platform works in six simple steps:

  • Provides patients with access to practitioner availability and makes the appointment
  • Updates practitioner’s schedule in real-time
  • Confirms appointment to the patient via email
  • Connects patient with the virtual clinic to confirm information and insurance and processes copayments and service payments upfront through video chats and screen snapshots
  • Upon approval, TeleTrustMD puts the patient in a secure virtual waiting room
  • TeleTrustMD notifies practitioner that patient is on queue and ready for a virtual consult

Because TeleTrustMD has streamlined the process from appointment to consultation, practitioners will have no need to recruit, hire, and train new employees. Trained and ready staff from TeleTrustMD is always available regardless of the time of day.

Many might feel uncomfortable with a third-party service provider processing documents and data for fear of data breach. However, since TeleTrustMD is HIPAA compliant, it doesn’t store any patient data in its network. All information is protected and securely stored in the practitioner’s EHR, maintaining complete patient privacy.

While many have shifted to virtual consultations, practitioners occasionally require patients to see them on-site. TeleTrustMD will install and maintain kiosk setups at clinics as an option for patients who prefer to exercise caution, and safely complete their intake process as if front desk personnel were present to assist them.

As TeleTrustMD mitigates the problems and human errors common within the practice of telemedicine, practitioners are enabled with more time to treat more patients and consequently increase their revenue.

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Published Tue, 10 May 2022 16:39:24 -0500

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