The Acrylic Road to Abstract by David Marchi

The Acrylic Road to Abstract by David Marchi

Oakland, CA, USA — Acquired Savant Syndrome affects approximately 1 in 10 million individuals. It is usually brought about by brain trauma or a chromosomal abnormality. There are several different forms of this condition. In most cases, the effects are temporary. However, some people with Acquired Savant Syndrome may continue to have symptoms for the rest of their lives. One of the hallmarks of this condition is the ability to draw and paint complex images seemingly without effort.

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Artist David J. Marchi was diagnosed by the late Dr. Darold Treffert with a rare condition known as Acquired Savant Syndrome. Marchi says that his condition was brought on by the trauma suffered in his boating accident. After the incident, Marchi started having vivid color dreams. When he awoke, he would sketch the scenes he saw in his dreams onto paper. The vividness of these visions gave him inspiration for his work.

Most people with Acquired Savant Syndrome have normal intelligence levels. However, they may also suffer from learning difficulties. Some of them may also have attention deficit disorders. According to Dr. Darold Treffert, Marchi’s condition is a form of acquired savantism. He says that Marchi’s condition is an extreme case of savantism. He refers to Marchi as an “extreme savant.”

Today, his paintings are in collections worldwide, and he’s actively involved in the Human Rights Campaign and supports the Born This Way Foundation. Through abstract art, he can show the beauty of the human spirit.

Marchi’s memory and perception allow him to remember the details of his dreams. He then sketches their scenes onto paper. Once he completes the drawings, he paints the images using acrylics. Marchi says that he sees color vividly in his mind before creating the images. He believes he has lost the sensitivity in his hands and back that normally limits his abilities. This lack of sensation gives him greater freedom to create without restriction.

After his traumatic incident, Marchi became passionate about painting. He dedicated himself to his craft by researching the subject and attending classes. He studied art history and various techniques. He began to work on larger canvases. As he progressed, he found that the size of the canvas affected how the colors he chose interacted. He also experimented with different styles; however, acrylics and abstracts became his favorite medium.

Marchi’s paintings are a colorful expression of his innermost thoughts and feelings. They show the life-changing effects of his accident and how it impacted his physical and mental state. Marchi’s vivid dreams and ability to draw inspire his work. He uses bright colors and striking imagery to capture the essence of his dreams. His paintings speak volumes without saying a word.

Marchi’s work is a powerful example of how the human spirit can overcome adversity. His paintings focus on the beauty and joy he finds in everyday life. He uses vibrant colors and bold brush strokes to create a sense of movement within his work. Marchi’s ability to take risks has transformed his career. His inspirational story shows us that we always have choices no matter what challenges come our way. We can choose to make the best of our circumstances or let adversity defeat us. By remaining positive, we can find a new path to happiness.

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