The Best Way To Do Your Tree Pruning in Deerfield Beach

The Best Way To Do Your Tree Pruning in Deerfield Beach

Are you a water sports enthusiast? Then you’ll feel right at home in Deerfield Beach, FL. The Ski Rixen USA provides a thrilling place where people can enjoy traditional water sports. Additionally, there are really amazing European cable ski sports available for you to enjoy. This is the longest cable course in the US. You sure wouldn’t want to miss out on this.

Water sports may seem similar, but they have some unique differences. This is the same for tree pruning and trimming. This post will focus on tree pruning and how you can ensure you do a great job each time.

Difference between pruning and trimming

The Best Way To Do Your Tree Pruning in Deerfield Beach

Whenever you do a quick search on “tree pruning”, some of the results you’ll get are about tree trimming. Is tree trimming and pruning the same thing? Can the two terms be used interchangeably?

Trimming and pruning have similar benefits, but they’re used in different situations. Pruning is typically more selective, removing a few specific branches that are damaged or unhealthy or likely to become so if left alone. Trimming, on the other hand, is a more general, all-over type of approach.

If your plant is growing too large and needs to be cut down to size, so to speak, then pruning simply wouldn’t do the job. On the other hand, if your plant had a branch that was damaged or diseased, trimming wouldn’t help very much. It’s really just a case of using the right tool for the right job. Read more at Happy Sprout

While trimming and pruning are both meant to enhance the growth of the tree, they are useful at different times.

Best Time To Prune Trees

The Best Way To Do Your Tree Pruning in Deerfield Beach

Well, as is the case for all yard work, there are appropriate times for pruning. But the truth is that sometimes there are some long-held beliefs that aren’t exactly true. Find out in the following post if what you know is accurate:

There is a belief among many home gardeners that tree pruning should never be done in the winter months.  Although these same gardeners might not recall where or when they heard this so-called rule or who planted this thought in their mind, there is one small adjustment that should be made to this mindset – that the winter may be the best time for tree trimming and pruning.  Okay, maybe not so small an adjustment.

What is Winter Pruning?

Winter tree pruning is the process of removing branches and parts of a limb during the cold months when the plant is dormant. Thus, it is ideal for species that are dormant during the winter months. If properly done, trimming the plants during this period encourages growth, shapes them, and improves their overall health. Read more at Dream Works Trees

Hopefully, you weren’t among those who believed and passed on some half-truths. Perhaps the half-truth about winter pruning concerns the exceptions.

Exceptions For Winter Pruning

The Best Way To Do Your Tree Pruning in Deerfield Beach

There are specific circumstances where you still need to be wise about pruning your trees in winter. Here are some of those situations:

    Late winter is good, generally. But if the weather forecast predicts a sudden drop in the temperature, a cold front, or upcoming frost, then hold off on pruning until even later in the season.

For fruit trees, the later in winter the better. Pruning in early winter will only make these trees more sensitive to the type of damage that can occur from harsh weather conditions over the season.

Deciduous trees are best pruned in the early spring, from February to April. Examples of these types of trees include larches.

There are also certain trees that will bleed sap when they are pruned in late winter. These include maple, willow, beech, and birch trees. If you do not want to deal with the trees bleeding this much, you might want to hold off until later in the spring. Read more at Mr. Tree Services

Every type of tree is unique and has different needs. So, it may be unwise to apply a blanket rule on when to prune your trees. Be specific about how you care for your trees and you’ll enjoy the benefits for the long haul.

Need professional advice for the specific trees in your yard? Don’t hesitate to reach out to EPS Landscaping and Tree Service. We are always more than happy to give your trees the tender loving care they deserve and require to thrive. Call us today for top-notch tree pruning services.

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