The Data Economics Company, Smallholder Farmers Alliance, and TerraGenesis International form Smallholder Data Services, Inc

The Data Economics Company, Smallholder Farmers Alliance, and TerraGenesis International form Smallholder Data Services, Inc

Mar. 8, 2022 / PRZen / LOS ANGELES — A third of the world’s food is produced by smallholder farms, but the world’s 2.5Bn smallholder farmers have often been left out by new technologies. Smallholder Data Services is an AgTech company launched by technology and agriculture veterans to connect smallholder farmers with global brands and large crop buyers using distributed data.

Smallholder Data Services (SDS) brings together the expertise of Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA), The Data Economics Company (DECO), and Terra Genesis International (TGI). SDS founders include Frederic “Mac” McCabe, a 40+ year veteran of agriculture and sustainability early-stage companies. SDS’ platform and applications use the Lydion Engine, an operating system for Web3 applications.

“Smallholder agriculture is one of the largest underperforming segments of the global economy, and SDS represents a significant breakthrough in using data to help smallholders reach their full potential in terms of increased production. This major AgTech innovation tracks the impact of agriculture on the environment, as well as the social impact on families and communities,” said Hugh Locke, President of SFA. SFA has been instrumental in reviving smallholder cotton cultivation in Haiti.

“This is an exciting moment for regenerative agriculture as more companies and brands from around the world are taking steps to act from a whole systems perspective and make bold investments in the future of agroecosystems,” said Tim Tensen, Partner, TGI. “Web3 technologies like the SDS platform represent a unique opportunity to support the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and do so in a way that intrinsically develops trust and integrity throughout supply systems, from farmer to consumer. It is our hope that through the appropriate application of technologies, we can support the adoption and long-term success of agricultural practices that benefit all of life.” TGI specializes in defining standards for regenerative farming and improving sustainable farming practices worldwide.

“At DECO, we are excited that the next version of the Lydion DEOS Engine will be used by the SDS Platform to enable farmers in countries like Haiti to rapidly increase income through power of digital products that they are creating using data from their own farms,” said Arka Ray, Managing Director, DECO. “SDS is effectively turning digital data into a new class of monetizable products that smallholders generate from their farms, along with actual crops—signaling a paradigm shift in the agriculture industry.”

About Smallholder Data Services

The SDS platform, built using the Lydion Engine, provides an example of decentralized data ownership and community stakeholder representation. SDS enables decentralized and peer-to-peer governance, smart contracts, and context-appropriate agreements sourced from producers communities, bringing traceability and data utility to smallholder farmers and crop buyers worldwide through the power of data economics and regenerative agriculture. More at

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