The Endurance Factory Now Provides Performance And Recovery Services

The Endurance Factory Now Provides Performance And Recovery Services

The Endurance Factory, based in Savage, Maryland, is pleased to announce that they launched their Performance & Recovery division on Monday, January 17, 2022. The Endurance Factory has established itself as one of the best gyms in the Maryland area by dedicating themselves to helping local residents get in the best shape of their lives.

With their new division, which will be headed by Jeff Fairman, The Endurance Factory will provide run performance and recovery services for runners, (ultra)marathoners, obstacle course racing (OCR) racers, CrossFit athletes and more. These services include but are not limited to Performance Coaching & Testing services (such as Personalized Run Coaching, Gait Assessment, VO2 Max Testing and Recovery Services) and Consultations (such as Injury Consultation, Dry Needling or Cupping, Soft Tissue Work, Normatec Sessions/Compression Therapy, Blood Flow Restriction Training, Taping and more).

Coach Jeff Fairman Rocky Racoon 100 Miler Finisher

Ken Peluso, owner and founder of The Endurance Factory, says, “The addition of a certified running coach and Jeff’s recovery services fit right in with our core competencies of helping people become better versions of themselves through fitness, nutrition and self-care. Recovery is a part of the wellness continuum that a lot of people overlook. They over-train and don’t know what to do once they are worn down. Now, we have an in-house specialist who can assess them and provide the services to help them recover more effectively and efficiently.”

He adds, “Running is a big part of the physical activities our members already do, and having the expertise, equipment and technology in-house to help them perform and recover better is huge. We have a number of athletes who run OCR competitively, and having personalized metabolic data they can use during training and racing can give them an edge against their competition. Anyone who runs and wants to improve can’t help but benefit from resting metabolic rate (RMR) and Vo2 Max testing. We can give them precise biometric data about where they are in terms of fitness today and what they could do to improve. Pair that with run coaching, and you have very specific personalized data to help you in your next event.”

As The Endurance Factory Explains, an RMR test is an excellent diagnostic for anyone looking closely at their nutrition as it shows how many calories their body burns at rest, giving them the data they need to plan a weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance plan designed to succeed.

Jeff Fairman, who will be leading the Performance & Recovery division, started running at an early age. High school success led to a scholarship at High Point University where he participated on the Cross Country and Track teams. While there, he earned an honors degree in Exercise Science. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, he returned to Canada and attended McMaster University earning a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy while continuing to run semi-competitively.

Fairman entered practice in 2008 treating patients across a wide spectrum of ages and conditions while he continued his postgraduate education earning a Fellowship from the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. In recent years, he has focused on treating athletes with an emphasis on running and CrossFit/functional fitness-related injuries, though he truly has a passion for treating athletes across all sports. Fairman is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a certified running coach from the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy.

The services provided by The Endurance Factory have earned the company a perfect 5-Star rating on their Google profile. Michael Smith writes in his review, “Gym has everything you need to get an awesome workout, and the staff actually cares about your progress and goal achievement. They’re very professional and motivating. Highly recommend this gym over any big chain just by the fact that they’ll guide you stage by stage to get you in the best shape yet and no time restriction since it’s open everyday at every hour.”

Those who want to learn more about The Endurance Factory or the range of services they provide, including normatec recovery sessions, should visit the company’s website to get started. Interested parties can get in touch with The Endurance Factory via the contact form on their website. Alternatively, they may reach out to Ken Peluso directly via email or phone.

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