The Mortgage Rebels Proving That Getting A Mortgage Isn’t Impossible

The Mortgage Rebels Proving That Getting A Mortgage Isn’t Impossible

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2022 / Buying a home these days seems impossible to many if not most buyers now. The cost of borrowing has increased these last twelve months, with mirroring rate increases seen only fourteen years to thirty years ago. Additionally, there’s the fact that political influences are trying to “make homeownership possible”, to no real success. Many find these are futile attempts by politicians as nothing more than attempting to increase votes with no real impact on most buyers. Indeed, It’s harder now than ever to get approved for a mortgage through traditional channels.

If you count yourself as one of the people who find mortgages hard enough to obtain as it is, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the line. Traditional mortgage channels like banks are not the only avenue. We know of an independent mortgage agency that’s been disrupting the traditional difficulty of mortgages and makes getting approval as easy as downloading an app from the app store.

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The Ontario-based Rebel Mortgage Team is headed by Caleb V. Kalenuik and Powered by Dominion Lending Centres National Ltd. (DLC), one of Canada’s most reputable mortgage companies. In 2021 the DLC Group of companies and mortgage franchises was responsible for funding property owners mortgages to the tune of $78 Billion in Mortgage Origination!

Through this high-powered partnership with DLC, Caleb’s Rebel Mortgage Team is making waves in the industry by providing a speedy online and mobile mortgage service. With their Mortgage Toolbox App, you can check rates, or even submit pre-qualification, to a complete application, all from your smartphone, tablet, or yes a computer. “We use a direct-to-consumer approach with a complete ‘start-to-finish’ online and virtual lending platform from the palm of your hands. We have satisfied clients all over Ontario, and one of the fastest closing rates offered by any mortgage brokerage. In most cases, we can secure financing in as little as 5 to 10 days from receipt of a complete mortgage file.” Caleb explained. Clients only need to download our Mobile Toolbox App, fill out the application, then the team gets to work. Virtually every mortgage they do can now be completed fully online, including signatures!

Caleb continued, saying “While we are Powered by Dominion Lending Centres National, a good portion of our lending comes through what we call A Lending. Meaning traditional Banks, but our core strengths are in alternative A lenders. Such as Credit Unions, and Trust Companies, or Mortgage Investment Companies (known as MIC’s) these are, in addition to B lenders, and sometimes private lenders. We want our clients to have the options and guidance they need to make the best choices.”

The Ontario-based agency offers fully custom mortgage services, from first time home buyers, new home purchases, rental properties, to refinancing, along with equity takeout and credit rebuilding services. “We work hard to deliver the best mortgage products and solutions to our clients. Unlike a bank’s “Mortgage Specialist”, who’s just a bank employee, representing only that bank they work for. We, as mortgage professionals, have access to more than one bank and 90+ lenders. We’ll walk you through every step of the application and approval process – from answering questions, to closing on a mortgage deal with the best terms and rates possible” Caleb said. “By doing our work on the highest level, we not only help people obtain places to invest in and live, but also ensure families with their own home can raise their children and make their dreams come true. Long-term success in homeownership is what my team and I want to see.” He concluded.

Through a combination of a seamless online process and a client-centric service, the Rebel Mortgage Team is changing the mortgage game, proving that the best mortgage experience can be enjoyed by partnering with a trustworthy independent mortgage agency. If you’re in the market for fast and easy mortgage approval with superior customer satisfaction, connect with Caleb and the Rebel Mortgage Team at your earliest convenience.


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About Rebel Mortgage Ltd.:

The Rebel Mortgage Team is Powered By Dominion Lending Centres National Ltd. Lic No: 12360 Each office is independently owned and operated. The Rebel Mortgage Team is based in Ontario. They provide a seamless online mortgage process and specialize in custom lending strategies, offering a wide range of prime and alternative A, B, C, and private mortgage lending solutions.

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