The Wait is Finally Over! ADA Demon Announces the Private Seed Sale of its Native Token, $AGONY

The Wait is Finally Over! ADA Demon Announces the Private Seed Sale of its Native Token, $AGONY

The Play-to-Earn games industry has seen a substantial rise in terms of both revenue and the number of projects being launched. And if you were to make a list of the most successful ones, ADA Demon sits comfortably at the top. It can be attributed to several factors, but the primary ones responsible for this meteoric rise of ADA Demon are the thrilling and immersive gameplay and its highly profitable native token, $AGONY. ADA Demon is now a step closer to its goal with the launch of the Private Seed Sale.

Users can purchase $AGONY during the Private Seed Sale using $ADA, and the current conversion rate between the two is set at 1 $ADA = 300 $AGONY tokens. Though, users can only acquire $AGONY tokens worth a maximum of 35000 $ADA and a minimum of 300 $ADA at the moment to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of investing in the future of cryptocurrency. Besides, the softcap and hardcap is set at 400,000 $ADA and 500,000 $ ADA respectively.

Remember, this is the lowest ever price for $AGONY, and it will see a considerable rise once the token is listed on exchanges. Be an early investor and earn maximum ROI!

All about $AGONY, the native token

The $AGONY token acts both as an in-game utility and a profitable investment option. There are various levels in ADA Demon where you have to defeat dreaded monsters, and this requires special weapons that can be purchased from the marketplace using $AGONY. Apart from that, there are several other items that you can acquire while playing ADA Demon and trade these for $AGONY.

Coming to the $AGONY token itself, the total number is capped at 5,000,000,000, with 10% of it, i.e., 500,000,000, available for investment during the Private Seed Sale. Another 10% of the total supply is reserved for marketing the platform to ensure long-term growth, both in terms of user base and revenue.

Benefits of investing in $AGONY

$AGONY is way ahead of its time, and it’s pretty evident if you assess the various protocols employed or the features offered.

The primary aspect that makes holding $AGONY appealing is the option to stake the token and earn a steady stream of funds. The staking protocol is now being employed by several other platforms, but given the high APY (Annual Profit Yield) offered by ADA Demon, you wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Then comes the chance to have a say in the future of ADA Demon since it is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Here, investors who have staked the $AGONY token get to approve or reject proposed changes to the platform. The more tokens you stake, the more your vote counts!

Besides, there’s the auto-burn mechanism in place where a part of the total supply is burned regularly, and the value of the remaining tokens gradually increases. So, even if you witness minor up and downs in the value of $AGONY in the initial stage, fret not, because it’s bound to skyrocket after a while.

About ADA Demon

ADA Demon is based on an unexplored idea, where users start off as ghosts in the fields of Asphodel, a section of the underworld where ordinary souls wander after death. And the aim here is to return to the land of the living after fighting monsters and finding the way out through perilous zones. A few minutes of the game, and you will be glued for hours. And it’s not just the game per se but the well-connected ecosystem that captivates users.

There are regular competitions and challenges for players, and those who secure the top ranks on the leaderboard win lucrative rewards. Also, players can purchase high-end items from the marketplace to progress quickly through the initial stages or form guilds to survive in the dangerous zones. Besides, players can craft and sell NFTs in the ADA Demon marketplace.

ADA Demon is a complete ecosystem with everything one could ask for, a well-developed game, power-packed native token, lucrative rewards, and the option to earn a passive income, amongst others. If you haven’t already, do play ADA Demon once, and you surely wouldn’t regret it!

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