These Three Tree Pruning Tips Will Give You Remarkable Results

These Three Tree Pruning Tips Will Give You Remarkable Results

Tree pruning is necessary for the overall good health of your trees. However, if your trees are to be healthy, as the homeowner you need to be healthy too. The hustle and bustle of life can quickly get you worn out. Therefore, for your own sake, you need to seek out opportunities to relax and recharge. One way to do this is by investing in good music. Alternatively, you could plan to go out for a concert in the Pompano Beach Amphitheater. It hosts multiple concerts throughout the year. So you may want to check out which one is coming up next.

Your health and wellness are of paramount importance. Once that’s taken care of, you can easily attend to everything else in your life. Another way to allow yourself to recharge is by spending time out with nature. If your yard provides this environment for you, don’t hesitate to make it look great. Your trees need pruning to keep them in good shape. This post looks at some important tips that will guide your tree pruning.

Tree Pruning Techniques

These Three Tree Pruning Tips Will Give You Remarkable Results

If you do a quick search about tree pruning techniques, you’ll discover there are various ways to describe the most common techniques. You may find five basic ones and their variations. Here are five basic ones to be aware of:

1. Crown Thinning
Crown thinning is an essential tree pruning procedure that removes smaller, weaker limbs from the tops of your trees. This opens up the tree canopy, allowing more air and light penetration to the branches and leaves below…

2. Dead Pruning
Removing dead, dying, or diseased branches is an essential part of having trees on your property. Dead pruning not only removes infected limbs, but also improves the appearance of your trees, instantly boosting your property’s curb appeal…

3. Crown Reduction
If your trees’ overall height is a concern, then they’re the perfect candidates for crown reduction. By removing small branches attached to the larger, heavier branches, crown reduction ensures that your trees don’t become too top-heavy…

4. Crown Lifting
Crown lifting is the pruning process that removes the low-hanging branches and limbs that are weighing down the higher ones. This process is usually done for trees that overhang sidewalks, roads, or even your home…

5. Pollarding
Pollarding involves removing all branches so that all that remains is a framework of the secondary branches along the main stem. Pollarding begins when your trees are still young and is done at regular intervals during their lifespan… Read more at My Select Lawn

Practical Tree Pruning Situations

These Three Tree Pruning Tips Will Give You Remarkable Results

Mostly, tree pruning will involve getting rid of branches for one reason or the other. The goal is to have healthy trees. However, if the pruning is not done properly, you’ll be disappointed. The cuts may lead to infections and diseases that compromise the good health of your trees. To avoid that, follow these steps to make the right cuts:

There are three possible situations trees present to you when removing branches (shown at right). 1. Cut to the edge of the collar when one is visible (upper illustration). 2. If there is no visible collar, begin where the top of the branch makes an abrupt turn toward the trunk and cut outside an imaginary line drawn parallel to the trunk (center). 3. Make the final pruning cut at the base of the actual connection between the branch and trunk when there is included bark in the union (lower illustration).

There is no need to apply paints, wound dressings, or chemical formulations of any type to the surface of the cut. None of them help prevent decay; only appropriate pruning helps prevent decay. Some can protect the cut from becoming infected with canker fungi and some reportedly reduce the likelihood of infection from oak wilt. Read more at the University of Florida

Do’s and Don’ts

These Three Tree Pruning Tips Will Give You Remarkable Results

With the knowledge of how to make pruning cuts the right way, you’re less likely to get disappointed with your tree pruning. Additionally, you need to take into account the following tips just to avoid any unwanted surprises.

1. Stay close

When removing a lateral branch entirely, avoid cutting it flush with the main trunk or leaving a stub. It is essential to stay as close to the trunk or parent limb as possible during the final cut and avoid cutting into the branch bark ridge or collar. Long and heavy branches should be cut in a section-by-section fashion, following the sequence of the part by section.

2. Older trees

On older trees, avoid topping (i.e., cutting the trunk and branches between nodes, leaving stubs) to prevent the tree from becoming diseased. Topping would hurt the form and structure of the tree and cause deterioration in the trunk and branches.

3. Dead branches

They must be pruned back to the live tissue or growing point where they originated.

4. Single top cut

Using a single top cut that results in bark tearing should be avoided, and one should use an undercut approach instead. Read more at Firstcry Parenting

DIY projects offer you an opportunity to try out new stuff. They can therefore be another great way to unwind. However, when it comes to tree pruning, there are instances where the project can wear you out. That’s the best time to seek out professional tree services.

Fortunately, you need not look too far to get the best tree services in Pompano Beach, FL. At EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, we offer you the best tree pruning services in town. With us, you are assured of professional services that are sure to leave your trees healthy and strong. Our customer service is unparalleled, so you can engage us with any concerns you may have. Call us today to get started on your tree pruning project.

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