These Tools Are Helpful For Any Tree Removal Project

These Tools Are Helpful For Any Tree Removal Project

Nature has many beautiful elements that are sure to provide a therapeutic essence to you. The rays of the sun and the golden leaves in autumn are beautiful sights to behold. You are sure to enjoy the blissful sounds of the birds as they sing happily in the trees. And if there’s a calm brook passing by you as you take an evening walk, don’t hesitate to get your feet into the clear water. With all that happens around you, perhaps all you need is to pause.

Trees are an amazing part of the natural environment. Yet it is true to say that they “don’t know when to stop growing.” So, sometimes, you may need to bring down that sentimental tree in your yard. The good thing is, you can relocate your tree if you remove it properly. Here are some tools that prove helpful not only for tree removal but also for pruning.

Rope Saw

These Tools Are Helpful For Any Tree Removal Project

If you’re dealing with a huge tree that has been around for years, then you have a special task. It’s not just about bringing it down, you may need to do some preliminaries. These may include cutting down a few branches. Here’s a tool that would be worth purchasing:

This is an alternative saw for big branches at least 5 inches in diameter. As the name implies, the saw features a cutting chain so that it can cut tree branches with a pulling motion. With this tool, you can cut thick tree branches while standing up. You can also cut trees high above while standing on the ground because the chain could reach up to 25 feet! Because it’s made of metal chains, it’s very space-efficient and portable. That’s why it’s also called a pocket chainsaw. Read more at Eco Gardener

Pole Saws

These Tools Are Helpful For Any Tree Removal Project

You don’t have to worry about reaching tall branches or the danger of going up a ladder. With a pole saw, you just got a tad taller and greater access to branches. Your tree trimming just got all that easier!

Pole saws are simply saws on an extension pole. There are manual pole saws and powered pole saws that use a chainsaw driven by gas or electricity on an extension.

They make pruning trees from ground level much easier. A hand pruning saw and a pair of shears will prune most trees but you will usually need to work from a ladder, or bear the expense of a cherry picker.

Repositioning a ladder over and over again can be hard work and for some people, working from a ladder is downright dangerous.

A pole saw gets you round the ladder problem, makes light work of pruning and lets you see what you are doing better—important if you want your tree to look good afterward. Read more at Dengarden

Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw

These Tools Are Helpful For Any Tree Removal Project

Did you ever wish to have a hand saw that can make corners and not break? Well, the Bahco folding saw is just what you need. Not only does it fold, but it also reduces friction as you work on the tree branches.

The Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw is a versatile general-purpose folding saw. It’s an excellent tool for anyone who needs to cut wood, plastic, bone, and other materials.

It is a compact, lightweight saw with a comfortable handle and a sturdy plastic body. It comprises a 2-component plastic handle, a safety lock, and a 7.5-inch (19 cm) blade with 7 TPI, ideal for trimming or cutting green and dry wood, plastic, and bone.

Blades are specially coated with rust protection and low-friction material.

Another great feature is that the saw is equipped with a safety lock. This lock is for both lock-in and lock-out. It’s also equipped with a safety stop to prevent the blade from slipping out of position. Read more at Just Pure Gardening

The best news is that you can call in the experts to take care of your tree removal project. EPS Landscaping & Tree Service is more than happy to take on your tree project. We look forward to giving you a stress-free tree removal experience. Call us today and you’ll see why we are the best professional tree removal service provider in Pompano Bech, FL.

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