Tim Ritter’s Wellness Journey Moves to a New Site

Tim Ritter’s Wellness Journey Moves to a New Site

Tim Ritter was among the first to be featured on YouTube back in 2008 describing his journey through antibiotic poisoning.  He used a personalized form of fasting to help clean his system and recover from the severe and debilitating reaction to the antibiotic.  The protocol became a crucial part of causing and maintaining the life-long health results he has demonstrated ever since.

His program is currently migrating to a new site, DoRealFood.com.  There, he continues the journey which includes his entire story and content in full, as well as his on-going research in the areas of chronic pain, illness, food as medicine and self-improvement.  Now incorporating a more relaxed environment featuring more of the humor he’s known for and other engaging and interesting items.

Mr. Ritter has been described by other YouTubers as being among the best and yet least recognized in the wellness industry, with countless testimonials praising his work.

Tim’s journey began in 2005 when he was prescribed an antibiotic and suffered extreme side effects.  The side effects were devastating and long-lasting, including chronic pain that doctors did not understand and could not resolve, forcing Tim to find solutions himself.

Years later the FDA finally recognized that the class of antibiotic he used were indeed causing injuries on a scale much larger than previously recognized. The condition referred to as being “floxed” (a word derived from the class of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones) causing these injuries has remained on the market, and are known to completely change people’s lives; akin to being in a car accident where one day we’re fine, the next day we are dealing with injuries we never would have anticipated, and now have to manage.

This event put Tim on a path to wellness. Using food as medicine became a focus, often with profound results. He was able to get out of much of the chronic pain he was experiencing, and regain a quality of life.

His entire program is now being beta tested on the new site. There is a need for people new to Tim’s content and interested in his process to test out the site for any issues; daily delivery issues of the sub-chapters, spelling, broken links, image problems, video problems, etc. Anything that is broke and/or needs attention.

To help in this process, the program is being offered without cost at this time to acquire the needed beta-testers. More information and sign up forms are available at DoRealFood.com

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Published Tue, 17 May 2022 10:55:18 -0500

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