Toolfetch Launches Anthony Cart Catalog

Toolfetch Launches Anthony Cart Catalog

A Manufacturer of Oxy Acetylene, Medical and Oxygen Carts That Are Made In The USA

Oct. 11, 2022 / PRZen / ELMSFORD, N.Y. — Toolfetch announced that they have launched the Anthony Cart catalog on their website.  One of the difficulties faced by customers when searching for gas cylinder products is the limited information and details that most sources have and Toolfetch decided to help customers quickly understand and identify the products with additional support from their product support division.

Working in conjunction with Anthony Welded Products Inc., Toolfetch developed a unique shopping experience for customers seeking to purchase cylinder carts for oxy acetylene gas, propane, and more.  Furthermore, the team has developed resources for customers to learn more about OSHA compliance, differences in carts, to make more educated decisions.

Anthony Welded Products Inc. is a leading manufacturer of welding gas, medical gas, and plant operation products since 1958.  The product line includes welding carts, firewall carts, cages, racks, pallets and systems that fully comply to OSHA, CGA, ANSI, NFPA standards.

Toolfetch continues to streamline their website to meet customer demands and develop unique methods for an easy, stress-free shopping experience.  Andrew Brown, CEO of Toolfetch, was excited about this opportunity, “We know how hard it is to find these products and understand what they are buying so we continue to make it easier with a redefined catalog experience that will support all industry demands.”

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