Top 100 Asian Leader: Mohammed Ali Rashid Stands Out in a Fielded Crowd

Top 100 Asian Leader: Mohammed Ali Rashid Stands Out in a Fielded Crowd

New York, New York – April 29, 2022 – The typical Asian leader in the United States has no common characteristics. Only to those who stereotype will assume medicine, entrepreneurship, and engineering but Mohammed Ali Rashid is one of many Asian leaders who was named in the top 100 for breaking down barriers and showcasing how he has excelled in the field of Real Estate from Miami to New York City. 

Being named in the Top 100 Asian Leaders in America, he expresses his gratitude to his hard work and belief in social impact for minorities is the best path forward to lowering anti-Asian rhetoric and hate in this country. He is currently in a position to make a difference in the Asian American community and Asians immigrating to the U. S. by showcasing the great work he has done for the tri-state area. 

As a real estate mogul based out of New York City, Mohammed Ali Rashid owns and operates the company Kingsland properties.  His real estate work concentrates on forging worthwhile relationships with his clients and helping to find new developments to house those less fortunate while also building a base of properties that his growing Asian American clientele desires. 

We’ve even seen the growth in politics with Andrew Wang and Boston electing Asian Americans public office. Asian heritage is a growing demographic in America and are currently listed among the most prolific political influencers in 2022.  Over the years, a number of Asian immigrants have gone through the ardous citizenship process and are striving while living the American Dream. Mohammed Ali Rashid is one of those individuals who was awarded for his power in diversity. 

He is a Pakistani American philanthropist and community leader who resides in New York and likes to visit Miami, Florida in the coldest depths of the winter. He was inspired by seeing videos of the Apollo Space Mission and once considered being one of the first Pakistani American astronauts but thought Apollo wasn’t for him rather business and social impact were the best paths forward. 

In 2022 Mohammed Ali Rashid is serving on the board of directors of 2 more charitable organizations.  Included among them is the American Pakistani Advocacy Group where he serves in the capacity of president. Essentially, this group operates as a human rights group.  Its members have created and donated 10,000 packages with grocery items during the pandemic. 

Additionally, this advocacy group has enabled Pakistanis residing in New York to access amplified resources.  This nonprofit organization empowers Pakistani Americans through leadership development and civic engagement as well.  

Ali’s real estate company has been helping clients broker deals and acts a full service agency. They have a remarkable network of associated professionals, placing it ahead of the competition.  The network includes real estate attorneys, contractors, tax consultants and mortgage brokers.  

Ali Rashid has expressed that he is very honored to be recognized among this illustrious class of leaders within the Asian community.  Additionally, he finds it humbling to have the capacity and resources to give back and aid individuals who are in need, especially in these extraordinary times of run-away inflation.  

Mohammed Ali Rashid plans to continue working with the American Pakistani Advocacy Group, while expanding its reach to provide assistance with an increasing number of Pakistani Americans.

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