Top Plant-Based Protein Powder Brand VIVL Nutrients Shares How to Get All of the Benefits of Whey While Avoiding Dairy

Top Plant-Based Protein Powder Brand VIVL Nutrients Shares How to Get All of the Benefits of Whey While Avoiding Dairy

VIVL Nutrients’ newest product, Plant Protein-L, has been making waves in the protein powder industry, as it is challenging both plant-based AND whey competitors. While the industry is typically segregated, VIVL seems to have found the perfect formula with all the benefits of whey and none of the downsides.

Although protein powders have historically been the drink of choice for bulky “gym bros”, more doctors today are encouraging better nutrition for their patients before writing superfluous prescriptions. And whether the goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, or just maintain your overall health, protein is a critical macronutrient. Eating at least one gram of protein for every one pound of bodyweight helps to feel satiated, reduce cravings, and allow making better food choices. Plus, amino acids (which are the building blocks of protein) cannot be readily stored in the body, which means consuming high amounts of protein will not result in increased body fat.

Plant-based protein supplements are especially important for vegetarians and vegans because animal products, like meat, fish, poultry, and dairy, are sources of complete proteins. Complete proteins include all 9 essential amino acids that the body can’t make on its own, and therefore must get through food. It is the amino acid profile that usually gives whey protein supplements the upper hand because plant-based protein powders typically contain little, if any, amount of certain key aminos, most notably: leucine. But since whey protein isn’t suitable for anyone with a plant-based diet, there are few good options out there for protein powders.

Enter VIVL Nutrients’ Plant Protein-L. Unlike whey, this medical-grade, vegan protein powder is not only dairy free, gluten free, and organic, but it also contains the optimal dose of leucine, something severely lacking in nearly every plant-based protein supplement. The “L” in the name is a nod to this game changing feature.

Out of all the amino acids, leucine provides the greatest stimulus for muscle protein synthesis, or the building and repairing of muscle tissue. Anyone who engages in physical activity will experience a breakdown of tissue, which is why muscle protein synthesis is vital even if someone don’t necessarily want to add lean muscle mass. Leucine is also a branched-chain amino acid, or BCAA. Although the body doesn’t usually burn protein for energy, the exception to this are BCAAs, like leucine. The body can actually harvest energy from these specific aminos, which is particularly helpful when in a caloric deficit to reduce body fat.

VIVL Nutrients’ plant-based protein powder has brought the best of both worlds together, and then some. Plant Protein-L is more “macro friendly” and higher in key nutrients like whey protein, but while keeping everything organic and vegan like other plant-based options. It also has a distinct absence of sugar, soy, and common food sensitivities, such as gluten. Add in the fact this medical grade product is readily available on Amazon, and the polarized protein powder industry may not be able to catch up!

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Published Sun, 01 May 2022 15:05:02 -0500

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