Toronto Clinic Shares Functional Medicine Benefits For Anxiety Sufferers

Toronto Clinic Shares Functional Medicine Benefits For Anxiety Sufferers

Toronto, Ontario –

The Toronto, ON based clinic Toronto Functional Medicine Centre (TFMC) is reaching out to educate their community about certain supplements that may help them deal with anxiety. This condition affects a large number of people around the world, and the TFMC is keen to help them explore restorative medicine approaches to anxiety. Learn more about integrative medicine and the options it provides for anxiety here: Functional Medicine Anxiety Management.

One of the hallmarks of anxiety is that it can be triggered by a variety of factors. Some may feel anxious in unfamiliar situations, for instance, or tend to avoid social engagements due to an aversion to strangers. Others might stay out of situations where they believe they would be easily embarrassed, and the mere thought of experiencing such an event by accident can be enough to set off their anxiety. The TFMC points out in a recent blog post that hearing the word ‘anxiety’ uttered aloud can be enough to disturb some people.

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There are many symptoms that can indicate a person is suffering from anxiety. In addition to feeling restless or unable to attain a calm state of mind, they can become fatigued more easily. Similarly, they can be more prone to irritability and insomnia, which may coincide or contribute to an increased difficulty concentrating during their waking hours. Anxiety is a stress response that emerges in certain situations, and it is believed that many develop anxiety as children due to enhanced stress and trauma. Physical and emotional abuse, for instance, can make a child more prone to anxiety attacks later in life even if they initially show no obvious symptoms.

Fortunately, the integrative medicine practitioners at the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre are familiar with several supplements that patients have reported positive experiences with. As such, they may help others deal with their anxiety.

The first of these is saffron, which has the unfortunate reputation for being the most expensive spice in the world. However, should an individual be able to obtain some, they may benefit from a large number of possible benefits. According to the blog post, “This flower contains compounds that may help with balancing mood, sleep, depression and anxiety.” They add that locally-available saffron may sometimes refer to other varieties that are considerably more affordable, but their effects may similarly vary greatly. Those who get their hands on the cheaper varieties are advised to take more care — while it is not known to be harmful, it may not deliver the same benefits as real saffron, either in terms of flavor or health.

The next supplement on the list is kanna, a South African herb that has been used for centuries to help manage a variety of ailments. There are many ways to partake kanna, including chewing and brewing, and some are even known to smoke it (though TFMC does not recommend this). Those who prefer kanna do so for its perceived ability to reduce anxiety and stress. Studies say that it is possible some will find kanna improves their cognition while smoothing out the edges of their temper.

L-theanine takes the third spot on the list of supplements. This is an amino acid that might be able to help people manage their nervousness, which would be extremely welcome in several situations. According to the post, “It helps balance dopamine, GABA and serotonin in the brain, without drowsiness.” All of these are neurotransmitters that play a crucial role in regulating mood, digestion, sleep and much more, so maintaining their equilibrium is crucial to attaining an ongoing sense of well-being.

The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre mentions two more supplements in their post: 5-HTP and Tryptophan, two amino acids that may have beneficial properties. To learn more, interested parties are encouraged to see the full post. Alternatively, they are welcome to direct any further questions to the team at the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre or to know more about various functional medicine benefits. Their knowledgeable staff are always pleased to share the benefit of their experience.

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