TurboLearner A Platform Aiming To Develop The Learning Skills of Students

TurboLearner A Platform Aiming To Develop The Learning Skills of Students

TurboLearner A Platform Aiming To Develop The Learning Skills of Students

In a world where every parent wants their student to do well in academics, here is a platform that can help them excel in their learning skills. The platform works keeping students and their overall development in mind.

Scotch Plains, NJ, USA – April 01, 2022 – In today’s time every parent wants their child to do best in their academics. To achieve this students are pressured to study well and teachers also focus on teaching students from an exam point of view. This is something where they lag, as it doesn’t help them in the long run of life. The educational scenario has changed completely, here teachers are taught to teach, but students are never taught to learn. As a result, students struggle a lot to learn, as they are not helped with developing learning skills. TurboLearner has become the haven where students are taught about how to learn. They are helped by the facilitators to work on their learning skills so that they can do well on any platform.

Tutors, learning centers, test prep centers, and coaches are some of the other players in the supplemental education space. They either help students reinforce what they’ve learned in school or help them practice specific skills like math or language. The majority of them use a “one-size-fits-all” approach. But if we talk about TurboLearner it assists in learning the fundamentals, instead of subject-specific learning, and is designed in such a way that it can meet the needs of each student. This is designed for those parents who want their students to excel in all the areas and are ready to spend a little more to give them supplemental educational services. The ones who think of it as a major investment to help their child build a better future.

TurboLearner is a division of a holding company that has been used for nearly two decades to provide coaching, training, and consulting services. The platform was officially launched in the year 2018 by the owner to honor the accomplishments of his mother, after about 6 months after her death. The company aims to help students develop learning skills that are not just restricted to academic learning. It aims to help students overcome the struggle they face during learning because of two basic reasons: they have no idea how to learn effectively, or they don’t have a system that they can use to learn anything repeatable and consistent.

This is what Prakash Rao, the founder of TurboLearner has to say, “Education comes from the Greek word educere which means to draw out. I am drawing out the student’s natural learning ability and unlocking their potential. Eric Hoffer said, ‘In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists.’ I am preparing the students to inherit the earth.”

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