Undervoltage Protection Of Parking Air Conditioner

Undervoltage Protection Of Parking Air Conditioner

Parking air conditioner refers to the continuous operation of the air conditioner with the on-board battery DC power supply (12V/24V/36V) when parking and waiting and resting.

Due to the limitation of on-board battery power and the poor user experience of heating in winter, parking air conditioners are mainly single-cooling air conditioners. Generally, it includes a refrigerant medium conveying system, cold source equipment, terminal devices, etc., as well as other auxiliary systems. Mainly include: condenser, evaporator, electronic control system, compressor, fan and piping system. The terminal device utilizes the delivered cooling energy to specifically deal with the air state in the cabin, so as to provide a comfortable rest environment for the truck driver.

Because the parking air conditioner is directly connected to the truck battery, many driver masters worry that the air conditioner will be cool for a while in the parking lot, and it will be embarrassing if it fails to catch fire when driving. Therefore, the “power-off voltage protection function” of the parking air conditioner is particularly important.

The power-off voltage of most brands of parking air conditioners on the market is fixed, and the protection voltage is generally set between 21~22V. If the power-off voltage of the parking air conditioner is set to 21.5V, with the use of the parking air conditioner, the battery discharges and the voltage decreases. When the voltage reaches 21.5V, the parking air conditioner alarms and stops.

After the battery is used for a period of time, it will gradually age. In addition to the increase in internal resistance, there will be problems such as virtual power, high voltage, and low power. The aging of the battery can also easily lead to current instability. After the battery is aged, the actual measured voltage may be higher than the actual output voltage, causing the car to fail to start. Therefore, it is required that the parking air conditioner can intelligently monitor the battery voltage in real time, and when it is lower than the set voltage value, it will perform intelligent power-off protection to ensure that the vehicle can start and run normally. Let the card friends truly achieve peace of mind in driving and worry-free use.

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