Vegas Movie Awards is turning Las Vegas into one of the most attractive and fastest growing motion picture destinations

Vegas Movie Awards is turning Las Vegas into one of the most attractive and fastest growing motion picture destinations

Vegas Movie Awards™ ( is taking Las Vegas by storm, placing the Entertainment Capital of the World on the map as one of the most interesting and sought-after motion picture destinations.

Vegas Movie Awards™ is in the TOP 5 Best Reviewed festivals on FilmFreeway, out of 12,000+ international film festivals. So far, it has welcomed and awarded Academy Award®, Emmys®, Golden Globes®, and BAFTA®-winning directors and actors, such as Olivia Colman, Marisa Tomei, William Baldwin, Gerard Depardieu, Tom Hanks, Helena Bonham-Carter, Will Ferrell, Ron Perlman, Vinnie Jones, Malcolm McDowell, Cloris Leachman, and Olympia Dukakis. Only to name a few.

The Festival Director, Sergio Barbasso, is working tirelessly with local nonprofits, government offices, and film schools. He is writing books, teaching seminars, and creating new opportunities to help students and seasoned filmmakers develop their talents. His mission is to create a large, strong, and united community of filmmakers right in the heart of Las Vegas.

During the pandemic, hundreds of directors, producers, and actors moved from California to Nevada, where they haven’t necessarily found a support system that’d allow them to grow and flourish. Las Vegas attracts high-caliber talent and celebrities, but it’s been focused on the production of live events and sports videos rather than on movies. Film crews were typically brought in from Los Angeles – but, now, they are in Southern Nevada to stay. For instance, Mark Wahlberg recently announced that Las Vegas has been his new home for several months. 

For the past 4 years, Sergio Barbasso has done a lot to show the world that Las Vegas is more than just Sin City or the Marriage Capital of the World. Now, it is a new hub for local filmmakers, who are given the chance of feeling part of a community and of even improve it. For instance, Vegas Movie Awards™ has teamed up with Valerio Zanoli and his project Helping Vegas ( for the creation of the Homeless Festival, which intends to raise awareness and funds for a problem that is severely affecting the entire country. 

Sergio Barbasso and his organization are already connected with 30,000 filmmakers and are determined to have a lasting effect on the entire film industry. So, Roll Camera… and Action!

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