Vince Baker Ministries launch their new book, “The Prophetic War of Words”

Vince Baker Ministries launch their new book, “The Prophetic War of Words”

This book is a Prophetic Warfare Manual that will help people win the war of words.

Author Vince Baker launched his book titled, “The Prophetic War of Words” on the 15th April (Passover) and is available exclusively on Amazon. Vince describes the book as a Prophetic Warfare Manual for every believer who wants to learn the secrets of gaining the upper hand when fighting the good fight of faith.

Vince is the CEO of the ministry of Agora Advantage. Vince has been serving Christianity since the age of 17 when he first encountered God while driving his car. Vince turned into a minister at the church and has had multiple prophecies from God in his life which has changed his perspective toward God completely. Vince turned into an author to spread the word of God, he was sent by God to people come closer to God.  He also aims to help people win the war of words after they read his new book, The Prophetic War of Words.

Vince quotes, “since the beginning of creation, there has been a Prophetic War of Words that will continue until the battle of Armageddon. This war is about God’s words against the devil’s words. All of humanity is caught in the middle of this war. In the last days, God has destined His church to relearn ancient secrets revealed to Old Testament prophets, historical men of God, and the closest of Jesus’ disciples in Winning The War Of Words.”

The book gives the answers to questions like when did the war of words start, how do you speak to a mountain and make it move, what are the 16 Laws of Faith, how does one get all of his words to come to pass, What is the lost art of rebuking, What words did David use to defeat Goliath, how will Jesus defeat the antichrist and false prophet and many more.

Vince emphasizes ‘mountain moving faith in God, and that he believes that the gospel should be preached in the world. He believes that the Spiritual Warfare between God and the Devil would only be won with the ‘fight of faith’ and that his book answers questions relating to The Ancient War of Words.

Vince is also a minister and a public speaker. He has a ‘unique calling’ where he can preach, teach, prophecy, move in the gifts of the Spirit, bring healing, and perform miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit. Vince is called to help the body of Christ come into their destiny.

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