Wefund and Danxia Capital Collaborate to Incubate Crypto Project

Wefund and Danxia Capital Collaborate to Incubate Crypto Project

WeFund is consistently positioning itself to be a driver of change and transformation in blockchain, searching for ways to gather, fundraise, and incubate projects that have promising real-world impact. WeFund is also passionate about expanding the adoption of blockchain technology, incubating promising crypto projects, and minimizing the risk of investing in blockchain projects.

To further ensure WeFund has the resources and channels to reach these goals, WeFund has teamed up with Danxia Capital. Danxia Capital is a group of individuals that share a passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It is an international team consisting of 17 professionals with backgrounds in finance, IT, law, gaming, and art. With a presence in Europe, North America, and Asia. 

Other than investment, Danxia adds additional value through its network relationships, market analysis, delivering quality content, and amplifying social media presence. Danxia, similar to WeFund, is doing its part to “Fuel the Future” with the promising impact of Defi and Web3.

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at WeFund, Ika Afifah, stated “We hope to bring good quality networks for our projects which, in turn, would unlock valuable project potential aimed to bring value to the region and the world. Defi and Web3 is a big market with many challenges we hope to tackle with upcoming projects with the support of Danxia’s expertise and network of experts.”

“Danxia enables project to tap into global network in blockchain space and people in the community to learn about the project personality, authenticity and values with valuable experience of Danxia team to guide them,” adds Danxia Team.

Echoing that spirit, Danxia will provide WeFund with resources tapping into their expert advisory panels, market analysis, and more. WeFund will leverage these resources to deliver more value for its community and high-quality incubation resources for projects. WeFund will also leverage the in-depth analysis of recent developments and practices to improve business strategy.

Visit Danxia Capital at https://twitter.com/danxia_capital

About WeFund

WeFund is a cross-chain, decentralized incubator crowdfunding platform for the crypto-startup project industry and beyond implemented for a real-life use case. The vision of WeFund is to become the connector of the blockchain ecosystem that exists on the market.

To fulfill this vision, WeFund’s initial development stage would be in the Terra ecosystem and will develop to use additional ecosystems such as Solana, Etherium, Cardano, etc. in the near future.

Website: https://wefund.app/

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