What You Need To Remember As You Plant New Trees In Your Home

What You Need To Remember As You Plant New Trees In Your Home

Nested in the heart of Fort Lauderdale is the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. This beautiful park is constantly referred to as an oasis between two water features, the Atlantic and the Intracoastal Waterway. The park also boasts of super strong oak trees that should be the envy of every tree lover.

It is such oak trees that have been known to create super lovely home environments that are cool and very relaxing. This has made property with trees to be a pursuit of many. But for some folks, they want to start their tree projects from the ground up. Below you will see some things you should consider as you seek to create your perfect home environment.

Roots take up more space

What You Need To Remember As You Plant New Trees In Your Home

When you are planting your trees, you need to be careful of the type of trees that you choose. Each tree has its own type of root system. This may not seem like a problem when the trees are small, but when the trees are all mature it will end up affecting a lot. It is a known fact that most roots extend up to 3 times the radius of the tree’s canopy.

For most trees, the roots extend about 2-3 times the radius of the canopy. Some root systems may reach up to 5 times, depending on the conditions. This means if your tree has a canopy radius of 10 feet, the roots will radiate from the trunk between 20 and 30 feet and possibly up to 50 feet. Although the depth of roots depends on the type of soil, many roots lay no more than a few feet underground. Most soils have rocks or hard clay several feet below the surface that will prevent deeper rooting. Read more from DreamWorks Tree Services…

Consider where you will plant the tree

What You Need To Remember As You Plant New Trees In Your Home

Another critical factor about the trees is where you will plant your tree. Some trees grow without their branches spreading too much horizontally. Others have huge branches creating some sort of umbrella-like structure. The latter tree is not safe for planting near your house. This is because the tree branches can easily affect the structure of your home.

Once you’ve picked your tree, you need to decide where it’s going. Consider how big the tree will get once it’s fully grown so you know how far to plant from buildings, fences, landscaping or overhead wires. Also, note if the tree needs lots of sun or shade. All these details can be found on the tag that comes on every tree. Check the tag to figure out if the location is right for the tree you’ve chosen.

Some zoning and neighborhood associations have rules about the types of trees you can plant and where you can plant them. Take right of way and property lines into consideration. Also think about how the tree will fit into your overall landscape. Read more from Lowes…

Consider the trees

What You Need To Remember As You Plant New Trees In Your Home

The best part of installing a tree is getting a tree that fits perfectly into your home environment and seeing it flourish to be the best thing in your compound. TSo, the most important thing is considering the type of tree that you want, the age bracket of the tree, and the type of structure that it will create when it is all mature.

Trees may be bought container-grown, root-balled (with the roots wrapped in hessian or netting) or in bare-root form (with no soil around the roots), they can also be bought in different sizes and at varying stages of maturity, from seedlings to semi-mature. Generally speaking, the younger the tree the more easily it will establish.

If planting a deciduous tree, many gardeners recommend bare-root specimens as they are cheaper, better quality and ‘take off more quickly than pot grown as roots are in direct contact with the soil,’ says gardening expert Leigh Clapp.

There is also often greater variety, they are easy to handle and they are more environmentally friendly as they do not have plastic pots. Deciduous trees and evergreens of 12ft (4m) tall are usually bought in root-balled form. While they create immediate impact in a garden, larger trees are usually more expensive. Read more from Homes And Gardens…

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