Your Digital Guardian Offers Programs for Digital Safety

Your Digital Guardian Offers Programs for Digital Safety

Julie Fisher shares the keys to successfully parenting digital natives with carefully curated technology plans.

Today’s younger generation, the so-called digital natives, are so confident in their internet capabilities that many forget they leave a digital footprint (like a permanent record) that can negatively affect their lives whenever they text, post, or share words, images, or video digitally. Parents often feel powerless to help their kids when these problems arise because they’re not as tech-savvy or well-versed in the intricacies of tech and social media use as they often think they are (because they don’t have a roadmap for how to teach their kids about tech since they didn’t get this ‘talk” from their parents). Your Digital Guardian, led by veteran educator and tech company founder Julie Fisher M.Ed., offers a solution with curated technology plans centered on online safety and effective tech and device use.

“Today’s digital generation needs help understanding that what they share online today can have consequences for their future,” says Julie.

According to the 2021 Kaplan Test Survey, around 66% of college admission professionals consider an applicant’s social media “fair game” in college admissions. The Harris Poll survey in 2020, on the other hand, shows that 70% of employers believe in using social media screening during the hiring process. In the same study, 55% of employers found social media content that made them reject a job seeker. These numbers are telling. The consequences of one’s digital footprint are far-reaching, affecting relationships and future opportunities.

“When technology is causing you more problems than it’s solving, it’s time to change how you’re using technology.”

As a trained educator with over 25 years of extensive experience, Julie also offers insider know-how on what admissions and hiring professionals want to see, and perhaps more importantly, don’t want to see in applicants’ social media profiles.

She teaches parents how to control the chaos of raising digital natives, helping them establish guardrails and proven systems that raise educated digital citizens. Julie works with them to create realistic and practical technology plans that protect their children’s online privacy, keep them safe online, and optimizes their digital footprint, so they become advantageous instead of problematic for their future.

She ensures all the effort placed in creating outstanding college applications and job profiles isn’t in vain because of a single post that causes someone to question the character of the applicant in question.

Through group training and one-on-one coaching, families learn about the realities of using the technology and social media and the importance of auditing one’s digital footprint.

Throughout her career, Julie has helped hundreds of families navigate the complexities of the digital world, enabling them to leverage their digital footprint to achieve success in college admissions, internships, and job applications.

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Julie Fisher is a seasoned educator, coach, curriculum specialist, keynote speaker, and tech company founder renowned for her expertise in digital parenting and online safety. Julie is also a published author (The Resiliency Puzzle) and the founder of Your Digital Guardian.

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