Yumoto: The Perfect manufacturer of Injection Molding Machine for Plastic

Yumoto: The Perfect manufacturer of Injection Molding Machine for Plastic

Yumoto machinery is a plastic injection machines factory dedicated to making high performance hydraulic horizontal quality molding machines. It is located in Ningbo, the capital of plastic machinery in China and deals with manufacturing and supply of injection molding machine for plastic integrating production and R & D in large quantity. 

Yumoto precision machine focuses on developing high-performance hydraulic servo-injection molding machine and is committed to customizing efficient and energy-saving injection molding solutions for medium and high-end customers at home and abroad widely used in auto parts, medical treatment, electronics, electrical appliances, building materials, office, daily necessities and other fields, and enjoy a high reputation in the plastic machinery industry.

Yumoto injection machine is an enterprise that “regards quality as life”. Their goal is to produce stable, reliable, durable, energy-saving and efficient plastic injection molding machines sale for customers from plastic injection companies. 

Over the years, as the market requirements for the quality of plastic increases, demand for high-quality injection molding machines also increased especially in China and other part of the world, Yumoto has developed over ten mature models of injection molding machines and which include 110t, 140t, 170t, 210t, 250t, 280t, 350t, 450t, 550t, 650T, 750t, 950t, 1150t, etc with variation in the raw material, product quality and specification. 

Yumoto machinery stands out on the injection molding machine manufacturer chart as they also developed shooting platforms with different injection volumes for models above 280t, realizing the selection of shooting platforms with small injection volume, standard injection volume and large injection volume under the same mold clamping force. 

This has not only enriches the brand models, but also provides customers with machines that improve production efficiency and save investment. And in terms of finished product inspection, Yumoto injection molding machine leaves the factory with high standards and zero defects

As a technology leading company, Yumoto have a number of experienced high-tech engineers and masters in the plastic machinery manufacturing industry. They pay close attention to the world technology trend, timely improve their technical level and cognitive ability, devote themselves to technical optimization, carry forward the spirit of ingenuity, constantly improve and perfect the design, and put the advanced manufacturing concept into practice. As a result “Yumoto precision machinery” is among the world-famous injection molding machine brands.

Yumoto Precision Plastic Machinery regards customers as God and believe that the only way to maximize the enterprise value is for plastic injection molding machine to create maximum value for customers. Guided by customer demand and from the perspective of maximizing customer value, Yumoto provide customers with customized and cost-effective, good price of injection molding machines. In addition to strict quality assurance, and adhere to the after-sales 24-hour response mechanism to solve customers’ problems in time. 

Yumoto imm machinery inc has been deployed in the international market for many years and has perfect overseas sales channels. They have successively established agencies and partners in not less than 16 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, France, Russia, Poland, Turkey etc with plans to expand the brand influence overseas and facilitate more customers to use Yumoto injection mold machines. 

With Yumoto plastic injection molding machine, you will have better injection molding solution and enjoy successful experience for your plastic products production in different industrial fields like automotive parts, medical, household, agricultural, food packaging, etc.

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